Celebrating our 36th Year of Dance!

The Karen Luba School of Dance, Inc. (KLSD) was established in 1988, featuring 187 students. Over the years, the school had tripled its size, expanding to various locations and three year-end recitals . We were happy to get back, post-pandemic, to having one gala year-end recital for the past two seasons and looking forward to growing the dance school once again.

The Dance School Staff  is made up of very caring individuals who want to share and instil a love of dance in all of the students.  It is very much a family atmosphere at KLSD – sisters Brenda and Karen are co-directors, as well as teachers, both with their B.Ed degrees in early childhood education.  All of the teachers and assistants are longtime students of the dance school and all possess the kindness, love and patience needed to work with children - they are all equally as talented as they are caring instructors.   Kendra Lomonaco & Isabelle Einarson - who both have been teachers and students with the dance school for many years will continue to teach classes in addition to helping with emails, phone calls and other administrative duties.


During the Year...

The beginning of the dance season starts out with learning lots of new steps, as well as mastering the old ones, and challenging each student to have fun, work hard and achieve their very best.

Three times a year (should provincial health guidelines allow), we have our Viewing Days,  when family are invited to come view their child “in action” and be a supportive audience.   

All parents/guardians are encouraged to watch their child perform in class on the designated days. This gives you an idea of their progress, helps your child gain confidence and gets them used to an audience.  We do ask that those watching do watch quietly in consideration of the dancers, teachers and parents around them, especially when entering or exiting

during a class in progress. The first Viewing Day usually falls in October – after we have had a few weeks to learn some new steps and learn our class routine.

Please watch for posted signs at your class location, as well as in the first newsletter.   

In December, we have our Special Holiday Party  where dancers are asked to bring a "special someone" to participate in class together and share their love of dance. 

Afterwards, dancers and guests are invited to share goodies, coffee and juice (should provincial health guidelines allow) - a great time is to be had by all!

After the holidays, we begin to learn our recital routines, incorporating the new steps we learned, and get into full swing for the recital with costumes, tickets, pictures etc.

In the spring, our younger dancers perform their recital dances at a nearby Seniors’ Home.  This is not only a wonderful opportunity for the dancers to practice their routines and shed their “butterflies”, but it brings great joy to all the residents.  (Seniors' Home Performances will be  on hold until individual seniors' homes permit large group events to occur).

Every year, we end our season with our annual year-end recitals where all students can showcase all their new dance skills and the confidence they have gained.  Our recitals for the 2023-2024 season will be held at the  Club Regent Event Centre on:     May 4 and May 5, 2024.

Please keep these dates, as well as the week leading up to them open for any practices and special events.    All dancers require a costume(s) and cost varies depending on the age of the student and the number of dances the student will perform (please see costume information page).

Our more competitive/performance groups have participated for many years in the Manitoba Provincial Dance Festival.  We have also competed in various dance competitions  and will continue to do so this upcoming dance season.  Congratulations to our performance groups who all successfully participated in the View and Terpischore Dance Competitions this past spring  - we are very proud of you!

We look forward to the 2023-2024 dance season as we
continue to share our love of dance with our students!
Brenda Luba - B.Ed.   &  Karen (Luba) Betz - B.Ed.