Tuition Fees * Costume Fees * Refund Policy

for 2022-2023 Dance Season



 1) Full amount by:

 Mastercard, Visa, cash, cheque or e-transfer

Or... 2) in 4 instalments/sessions  by:

 Pre-authorized Mastercard / Visa payments or postdated cheques

Should you choose to pay by instalments/sessions by credit card,  pre-authorized automatic Mastercard or Visa payment

needs to be selected when you register in the online registration portal

Please note that these 4 payments will be automatically charged

on 1) your day of registration, 2) November 01, 2022,

3) January 01, 2023 and 4) March 01, 2023

Should you choose to pay by instalments/sessions by cheque, you will need to mail or drop off one current and three postdated tuition cheques to our office

 (please inquire for address as it will not be listed on this site):

* first cheque  present dated for the day you registered,
* second cheque postdated for November 01, 2022

* third cheque postdated forJanuary 1, 2023

* fourth cheque postdated for March 1, 2023



30 minute class per week

Annual Fee:  $ 422.00* due on date of registration   or   Session payments of $128 / $98/ $98 / $98

45 minute class per week

Annual Fee: $ 470.00* due on date of registration   or   Session payments of $140 / $110 / $110/ $110 

60 minute class per week

Annual Fee:  $ 518.00* due on date of registration or   Session payments of $152/ $122 / $122/ $122


75 minute class per week

Annual Fee:  $ 566.00* due on date of registration or Session payments of $164 / $134 / $134/ $134 


90 minute class per week

Annual Fee:  $ 614.00* due on date of registration or Session payments of $176 / $146/ $146 / $146

105 minute class per week

Annual Fee:  $ 662.00* due on date of registration or Session payments of $188 / $158/ $158 / $158


Annual Fee:  $ 2590.00* due on date of registration or Session payments of $760/ $610/ $610 / $610


*All fees include 5% GST

Your registration will not be complete until all fees (as well as costume deposits- see below)
are paid in full,  by authorized credit card instalment payments,
or by postdated cheques received at our office. 


Each class will require a costume(s) to perform in our annual recital. 

Students in combination classes (eg. tap & ballet or tap & jazz) will require two costumes as they will be performing two routines in the recital. 

Costumes are chosen by the directors/teachers - We always do try our best to choose costumes that keep in mind both cost and age-appropriateness.

A costume deposit, per student, per CLASS will be collected at the time of registration (see below for amounts).

If you are paying by cheque, please present date it or postdate it for NOVEMBER 15, 2022. 

Should you have more than one student per family or a student taking more than one class, you can add all the deposits together

and give one payment for the total per family.   Costume deposits are as follows:


$75      Students in combination class of tap & ballet (age 3-5),
            or combination class of tap & jazz (grade 1 and up)
$50      Students in single discipline classes:
            ballet only, hip hop only, tap only, jazz only, performing groups (per discipline)

*The costume fee per class/costume will be, in most cases, more than the costume deposit listed above and the balance will be due in January/February 2023.*

Please note that your costume deposit/costume fee is non-refundable after the November 1, 2022  refund deadline.

All cheques (tuition/costume fees/costume deposits) are to be made payable to

Karen Luba School of Dance Inc.


*A $25.00 service fee will be charged for any cheque not honoured

by the banking institution upon which it is drawn.



If for any reason, you or your child withdraws from the dance school on or before November 1, 2022, we will need a written withdrawal (email acceptable). Your unused class fees and costume deposit will be returned to you for the remainder of classes after the date which we receive your written withdrawal.  

A registration fee of $30.00 (included in annual fee) is non-refundable.


No refunds of any kind will be made after November 1, 2022. 

By this date classes have been well established and recital planning is underway.

****Please note that if your child should withdraw after November 1, 2022 payment for tuition fees for the remainder of the 2022-2023 dance season will still be required.

If you have paid your tuition fees in full, no refunds will be issued.

If you are paying your tuition fees by post-dated cheque instalments, your cheques will not be returned and will still be deposited on their due dates.

If you are paying your tuition fees by credit card instalments, your card on file will be charged the remainder of the tuition owed in full shortly after receipt of a notification of withdrawal.


***Fees for missed classes are non-refundable***