Updated September 17, 2021

*Procedures provided by South Winnipeg Community Centre- Richmond Kings Site*

-Please wait in your vehicle until 5-minutes prior to your scheduled class time. A teacher/assistant will open the door when it’s your time to enter the building.


-Dancers are to sanitize before entering and exiting the building

-Anyone 18 years and over entering the building must show proof of vaccination (barcode/card) and one piece of government issued ID (drivers  license, passport, etc)


-Masks are to be worn in common areas and for the duration of the class by everyone, regardless of age *Subject to change based on Manitoba Health Restrictions


-Please be on time for drop off and pick up. Students cannot wait inside the building, and assistants cannot wait with them as they must help the next class inside.


-NO parents are permitted to enter, or wait inside the building. Please wait inside your vehicle, or leave and return at least 5-minutes prior to the classes scheduled end time.

         -Please wait outside your child’s designated exit

         -If waiting in your vehicle, please keep an eye out for your dancer,

         or wait in front so your child can safely locate you after class


-Please limit the use of the washrooms while at dance by encouraging your child to use the washroom before leaving for class


Please arrive dressed in proper attire with hair done


-Students will bring all outdoor footwear, jackets, dance bags, and other belongings into the dance room.


-Please fill all water bottles at home as water fountains are not in service.


-Please ensure your child’s shoes, bag, and (prefilled) water-bottle are well labeled.


-YOGA MAT- Dancers can bring a yoga mat to each class for sitting at attendance, stretching, etc.

         -please disinfect at home before and after class


-Please notify us if your child will be absent from class so teachers are not left waiting

-When helping dancers change shoes, put on coats, or gather their things, teachers/assistants will sanitize their hands between each student.


Main Hall Dancers:

-Dancers are to wait outside of the main entrance, or in their vehicle until five minutes before their scheduled class time.


-Parents can wait outside with their dancers, however are not permitted in the building.


-At the main entrance, a teacher/assistant will greet dancers at their scheduled class time, and lead them to the dance room.


-Classes will be permitted to use the designated washrooms in the lobby, but please encourage the use of the washroom before leaving for class.


-Escorted by a teacher/assistant, dancers will exit through the fire exit on the south side of the building.


-A teacher/assistant will walk the dancers to the parking lot where parents are to be waiting.